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I'm thankful for...

I hate this holiday. Makes me think of all the crappy things that have happened to Native Americans, in both Northa and South America ^o^

Brekkie: Cheerios and milk

Lunch: Turkey (made by my vegetarian aunt ^_^), mashed potatoes, brocoli, a billion rolls, and water.

We took Aria and Figgy with us to Indianapolis. They hid under a large piece of furniture the whole time :D Claire stayed at home because she would be terrorized by the drive, couldn't go out of her crate, and would either fight with Figgy or give Figgy and Aria ear mites again D:

Dinner: Hah.

Now, off to watch Spider Man and translate lyrics and make my mom wonder why I'm wearing a cowboy hat (no reason, really, but I have hats on all the posts of my bed. No room for this one :D Plus Ty says I look like a cowgirl XD)

Merry Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night.

.. e.e
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